Cascade, by Craig Davidson

Greetings, Lonely Travelers,

Welcome to my little corner of the 'Net. First off, I must let you know I am neither the Craig Davidson who runs the chain of UK hairdressers, nor the Craig Davidson who plays scrum-half for the Springbok rugby squad. If you've come here looking for tips on streaking your bangs or with enquiries as to how to pitch a rugby ball in a tight spiral, I am afraid you've come to the wrong place. That said, I would be happy to provide tips on either of these subjects, or answer any other ones you might have—though I regret that I cannot vouch for either the accuracy or safety of any information I provide. Please direct any complaints to my lawyer's attention.

No, I am the Craig Davidson who has written a few books. Books about boxing and dog fights and zombies and werewolves and lunatic prison inmates and repo men and more boxing and vampires and sex addicts and grisly dismemberment via crazed killer whale attack. Not all in the same book, mind you. So. If that is the Craig Davidson you're looking for, you've found him.

Stay a spell. Poke around a bit. I owe a great debt to my friend and webmaster Brett Savory, who put together the site as I'd hoped: simple, straightforward, easy to navigate. I imagine it will be updated from time to time in order to keep any interested parties apprised as to my sundry comings and goings, wheelings and dealings, slippings and fallings, phoenix-like risings, and the like.

Very best to you,


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